B-BBEE Pre-assessment Scoring

BBB-BBEE Pre-assessment scoring image
B-BBEE Pre-assessment Scoring

1. Transformex offers a service whereby clients can analyse and understand their B-BBEE score prior to going into a full independent verification.

2. This service helps clients decide if they would like to obtain an official certificate using their preliminary score or implement different strategies, prior to obtaining an official verification certificate.

3. This service is similar to the actual independent verification process, however, the client will receive a preliminary score based on a desktop and document collation exercise, as well as a risk assessment and gap analysis to potentially reach higher level(s) of B-BBEE compliance.

BBB-BBEE Amended Scorecard Gap analysis image
B-BBEE Amended Scorecard Gap Analysis

1. In May 2019, the DTI released amended codes for Code Series 300 (Skills Development) and Code Series 400 (Preferential Procurement; Enterprise and Supplier Development).

2. These Codes came into effect on 01 December 2019. Only companies that require compliance to the DTI scorecards are affected currently, however many sectors are in the final phase of amending the current sector codes to align to the May 2019 DTI amendment.

3. This service includes aiding in the transition from the current to the new Codes and will prepare you for your next verification by understanding the gaps from the current measurement criteria to the proposed changes in the amendments.