B-BBEE Training and Development

B-BBEE Transformation Champions Course
B-BBEE Transformation Champions Course

Our training courses are designed for your staff's understanding of the different elements of the B-BBEE scorecards, how to implement empowerment strategies in line with current Business Strategies and general strategies to enhancing B-BBEE Compliance.

The training has 7 modules:
1. The Journey of Transformation
2. B-BBEE Ownership
3. Employment Equity and Management Control
4. Skills Development and SETA compliance
5. Enterprise and Supplier Development
6. Socio-Economic Development
7. Fronting Mechanism and how to avoid them

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B-BBEE Business Breakfasts & Workshops

We have conducted many Business Breakfasts in terms of the DTI scorecard, all sector scorecards and other empowerment Initiatives such as the Y.E.S. Initiave. You're welcome to contact Jesse James (Jesse@transformex.co.za) for more information or to request a quote.

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B-BBEE Amended Scorecard Gap Analysis

At Transformex, we provide dedicated training and development for young Black Graduates going into a fairly new industry. Our 12 month course is designed to ensure both theory and practical knowledge is gained on completion of the course. We are currently in the final phase of taking our courses online and are applying for accreditation through the Services SETA. If you know of or are a young graduate who is interested in this field, please send your CV to Rinda Philimon - rinda@transformex.co.za or complete the "Request quote" form on this page. Should you wish to sponsor a student, please contact Jesse James (Jesse@transformex.co.za).